Get Off Facebook

Why, hello March! Let’s play with intention and starting small. And let’s practice doing things daily that sustain me, but are so easy to let slide when things get busy!

And when I’m worried I can’t do all these new things, just remember – get off Facebook.

1. Nurture local friendships

I moved to the Bay Area just over a year ago. I am in that period where I’m longing for good, strong local community, but it hasn’t really gelled yet.

I have lots of good people in my life and lots of acquaintances. But with life being hard and busy right now, I’m finding myself reluctant to lean heavily on people I am just getting to know.

Life has felt heavy for most of this past year. I want to connect with people in lighthearted ways in addition to being able to lean in for the heavy parts.

I would like to connect with people I’m already connected with, and be open to meeting new people as well.

2. Walk or meditate in the morning before getting online

I started this after a Facebook confession that my morning habit was usually to get directly on Facebook. It’s a terrible way to wake up to the day, so many inputs, articles to get distracted by, pictures to comment on.

I would eventually like to have a different relationship to Facebook, one that’s more intentional about my desire to connect, and less about my desire to check out from whatever I’m working on. But I wanted to start small with something that felt doable and concrete. I already started this habit a few days ago, but I want to continue it this month because I know how pernicious Facebook is.

3. Writing 5 minutes every day

I want to be writing more. I have so much to reflect on right now, tons of blogging material.

Yet I’m usually tired of being on my computer by the time I get done with work. It’s one of the perils of working a full time job from home and then wanting to do some work on the side, also from home.

In setting this small goal, I get worried that there is not enough time. If I set a goal of 20 minutes per day, will that encroach on my meditation time? Can I really meditate for 30 minutes, write for 30 minutes, go for a walk, work for 8 hours, and have time for friends, feeding myself, etc, etc?

I don’t believe this is possible.

Yet, I also am afraid to count up how many hours I spend on Facebook. Or watching TV. There is likely time.

I’m starting small to not freak out the parts of me that believe in “NO TIME!” We will see how it goes.

4. Practicing restoration when I’m tired

I am often reluctant to rest.

Tired? Eat something for an energy boost. Or check Facebook to take my mind off whatever is bothering me. Or push through and hope my work is engaging enough to get me a second wind.

I have had a few emotionally draining days lately. And it’s true – I don’t have a lot of space to just stop and lay in bed for 10 hours.

But perhaps there are options between sleeping 10 hours and ignoring the fact that I need rest. To try:

  • Restorative yoga poses
  • Create a safe room for the part of me that’s super tired and overwhelmed
  • Step outside for ten deep breaths
  • Drink water
  • Take a 20-minute nap (or fake a nap)

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