Yes It’s January. No These Aren’t Resolutions.

I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. They are full of body hate and self flagellation. I don’t need more of that.

But I am sticking with my monthly goals and intentions. Here’s what I’m paying attention to in January.

1. 30 minutes of meditation. every day.

I am starting a year-long Practice in Action program with East Bay Meditation Center this month. One of the components of the program is a daily practice – at least 30 minutes of sitting or movement meditation.

Sitting meditation has been notoriously hard for me. Noticing the breath is hard – I start to panic when it gets quiet, because it reminds me too much of a traumatic freeze response. Stillness in the body is hard – I have so much old trauma and emotion stored up in my body, there’s a lot of need for release through shaking and trembling.

Yet I’m also wanting to deepen my practice, and I know that grounding myself in regular practice is a key way to do this. I’m three days in, and finding it supportive to give myself some flexibility with a mix of sitting and walking meditation. If I can focus on solidifying this practice this month, it will hopefully stick!

2. When in doubt, “What’s the next right thing to take care of myself?”

I often feel like self-care is one more thing to “achieve,” but it’s really about resting into the care that is around me and the care I know how to give myself.

I’m hoping when I find myself a bit lost about what to do next, this becomes my go to question.

3. Be laser focused at work

I am taking on yet additional responsibilities at work. I am both scared and excited about this. And especially worried about burn out.

I know how to manage a lot on my plate. And I know how to set priorities with groups of people, so we all agree on what’s most important and what we will let slide. Focus on the important but not urgent is going to be essential. And saying “No” over and over and over again will be a hard lesson to learn yet again.

4. Be nourished in friendship

I’m at my best when I’m nourished by the people around me. That includes being there for my friends, as I get nourishment also out of being of service to others.

I also get nourishment out of knowing my limits and not pushing past them. So it will be important to know how much to indulge in late night parties and to know when the nourishment of supporting others hits a limit.

Truth to remember (from Havi):

Intentionally setting strong, healthy boundaries is the most compassionate and important thing that you can do. And not just for you, but for everyone in your world.

It’s possible that everything I’m working on this month relates back to strong, healthy boundaries – both what I will do for myself and others. I may have more to say about this as the month unfolds.


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