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I love when the universe gives me what I need, instead of what I think I want

In July, I started sharing my Sunday ritual of monthly goal setting and the weekly or mid-month check-ins. I love that it gives me a way to notice how things are shifting in my life, and an excuse to check in and tell y’all about it.


1. More space

I joined Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle and am enjoying her Creating Your Goddess Haven course. I loved that the first task was creating an altar. By “loved” this first task, I of course mean that I totally rolled my eyes and thought “I have no space to create an altar, everything is covered with clutter and that’s just going to make a bigger mess and how’s it going to help anything anyway??!?”

my first little altar

My oasis of simplicity

I tried it anyway, thinking I had little to lose. I could always put things back where they belonged – in a huge knotty pile of junk. So I pushed aside a pile and made a space for a pretty placemat, on which I put a favorite candle and a small piece of pottery with some crystals in it. That was it for the altar, because my altar was about creating space and simplicity. I lit the candle and honored my new little space of tranquility.

Three weeks later, my altar radiates space and simplicity to the rest of my house. Even after getting sick and busy the past couple of weeks, my altar is still a little oasis of simplicity and calm in the middle of my house. I see how pretty my altar looks, and I want so badly to have the space next to it look just that pretty.

2. Clear lines between work time, play time, rest time (i.e. less time web surfing)

I am still playing with the lines between these three. Adding a Facebook Page for on of my community organizing projects has blurred these lines and made web surfing “work” (for those interested in Colorado’s future – whether you live here, want to move here, or just like to visit – check out It’s 2010, not 1910. Vote No on 60, 61, and 101). Really, checking our Facebook Page 30 times a day to see how many followers we have is important!

I need a couple of different kinds of work periods. One kind is a chunk of time to focus on one project that needs brainpower. Another kind is a chunk of time to respond to a bunch of items that take 5 minutes or less. Yes, I know I realized this a bazillion years ago when I read Getting Things Done. But it is one of the things that is hard about my freelancer’s lifestyle. It feels easier to be “on the clock” for one person for a period of time, and then switch to another project for a chunk of time. It’s hardest for me to do more seamless switching because I actually show up for one of my jobs, even though I think of it as freelancing. I might play with this different kind of project time periods this week, and report back.

3. Movement: Just do it.

Ha! Hahahahahahahaha! I love when the universe gives me what I need, instead of what I think I want. I finally went to Tara Mandala yesterday, a Tibetan Buddhist center just 80 miles away from Durango. I thought the afternoon Global Mala Ritual looked like a great opportunity to see the ornate temple dedicated to feminine spirituality.

Global Mala Ritual

Global Mala Ritual Offering

Perhaps I am just out of the loop, but nothing about this picture said to me, “You will be doing 108 Sun Salutations in the middle of an ornate temple for 3 hours.” It’s a good thing I didn’t know, because I would have never signed up for that trip.

While it wasn’t quite the meditative connection I’d been hoping for, it was an influx of movement through my body that I’ve been both longing for and resisting. Being sick the past couple of weeks, I have been doing just some simple movements: Shiva Nata and Restorative Yoga. The 108 Sun Salutations came right as I am starting to feel better and needed a big flush of my system. Thank you, universe!


More adventure, more rest, more of what’s essential

Last month, I started sharing my Sunday ritual of monthly goal setting and the weekly check-ins. I’m trying mid-month reporting rather than weekly. This month I’m going to focus on three goals about how I want to be in the world. I was traveling, then have been beset with allergies so I’m a couple of days late in checking in. Better late than never!

August Goals

1. Be on an amazing adventure: I feel like I successfully have shifted my energy from “Woe is me! I’m in limbo!” to “I’m super excited to move to SF and I’m excited to see how it all plays out.” I’m excited because “Moving to SF” is now a project on my project list. It has no tasks just yet, but I love that I made it a little space of it’s own.

2. Build in time to rest and be satisfied, even when busy: This month was very GOGOGO S L O W GOGOGO S L O W. So much busy-ness heading into the month with 2 major projects coming to fruition August 1 and 6. I love to manifest new fabulous things out of thin air, but perhaps I shouldn’t do them in back to back weekends. But I then had loads of rest with the retreat and time at the lake with my parents. It’s a little more stressful that way than more built in rest and play. But on the whole, my month was rather balanced. Even friends noted that even when I was feeling panicked, I could find a way to reset. And that even when I was busy, I was hanging out and enjoying life.

3. Let go of the things that are not essential: Lots of letting go this month. Letting go of being in charge. Letting go of people that are good but not great. Letting go of obsessing about projects that aren’t resolving as quickly as I’d like. And in letting go, finding a place to rest.

And now, for September!

1. More space
2. Clear lines between work time, play time, rest time (i.e. less time web surfing)
3. Movement: Just do it.