Monthly Archives: December 2010

Oops. A better late than never November check-in

In July, I started sharing my Sunday ritual of monthly goal setting and the weekly or mid-month check-ins. I have a bad habit of forgetting how much change happens over the course of a month, so this check-in helps me remember to celebrate all that I do!

Sometimes (um, like this month), I get so busy I don’t have time to check in. It’s still an important ritual to me to check in anyway once I finally have some breathing room. Even if it’s half way through the next month and so much has happened since then that I should be reporting on. But November must be reviewed first!


1. Tidy up lingering projects that can be completed: I worked a lot with my total dread of those final cleanup tasks. I finished up 3 of the 4 lingering tasks, and got to enjoy some champagne and my favorite cookies.

In reporting this, I’m feeling how much dread I have for that final doozy of a task. Some small progress has been made, but there are still many things to be done before the project is finished. And I have to interact with two different people who have been notoriously difficult to track down and get the follow through I need from them.

I’m going to try an experiment: Change my expectations. These two people will get back to me with the information I request. They will take responsibility for getting it completed. I will set a meeting in early January that will help clarify what else still needs to be done and who will do it. I will feel good about my contributions to this process even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as I would like it to.

And I will try the fancy bottle of champagne when this thing is complete. And I’m getting a cupcake from Heather at Cake Cafe to celebrate in style.

2. Apply for fabulous jobs: I focused my attention in on one fabulous job, which (fastforward to December) is now official! I have just been named Motion Institute‘s first Executive Director. I’m starting part time as I transition into life in San Francisco and get the funds raised to expand my role. I feel fortunate to find a job … without actually going through the whole “apply to a billion jobs and hear nothing” phase of a job search.

That said, I’m probably still looking for another project to pick up as I start to turnover projects in Durango to other capable people. Something part-time and analytical – data analysis, bookkeeping, event production – would be a nice complement. Though I hear if you work 20 hours/week at Starbucks, you qualify for health insurance. Yum, coffee.

3. Enjoy time in Durango with friends & family : I had a great time with my parents, though they had to postpone their trip until after Thanksgiving. My birthday was kind of ridiculous, but a lot of fun. Note to self: Just because I’m the birthday girl, I’m still allowed to say no to shots. Especially gross ones made of Tuaca and Red Bull. I’ve had some impromptu drinks with friends, random late evenings with dharma buddies, and a lot of time just hanging out with good people. It’s nice to feel like I have time to say Yes to fun with friends.

December goals (for the last half of December since it’s already half over)

1. Bust out some solid work for all three jobs I’m juggling

2. Have fun with friends over the holidays

3. Purge 5 boxes of stuff

4. Set moving date