Monthly Archives: February 2011

It could have been worse

Hello, end of February. So much has taken a back seat in the past two months. This blog is not the only item that has been neglected in my world.

This period of neglect has been in service to a large goal – MOVING. I am officially a Berkeley resident as of the middle of February.Whoo hoo!

Despite seven months of preparation, it was a gargantuan task to actually get myself out here during the final days. As always, I was over committed  to friends, jobs, and to do lists. But I couldn’t imagine not going to Mexico, not finishing up my job commitments in an honorable way, and not taking care to leave my apartment in the conditions I agreed to in my lease.

Of course, my body had other needs that I hadn’t made time for. After Mexico, my shoulder and upper back pain flared up so bad I was in constant achy pain. I got a deep massage that helped loosen up some of the tightness, but the flood of toxins it released knocked me out for a week. Or I got a nasty case of the flu, I’m still not sure. Whatever it was, I didn’t leave my bed for 72 hours in the week before I was moving.

I was still moving slowly and coughing a lot when I finally left Durango on Wednesday afternoon, only 30 hours behind my original schedule. Work didn’t get finished quite as neatly as I had hoped. Neither did my apartment cleanup, though I hear the futon I abandoned in my alley had been picked up within four days.

It could have been worse. My co-worker and his family reportedly had avian flu.

Travel had its own set of blips, though again, my motto was, “It could have been worse.” I made good time to Flagstaff, and had just told my mom how excited I was to make another couple hours that evening. Two miles outside Flagstaff, I heard an unhappy sounding clunk under one of my tires, and then passed a car and semi pulled over on the side of the road. “Did I hit something in the road? My car seems to be driving okay, but I’m about to head out into the desert. Better check.”

I pulled off at the next exit, and my front passenger tire looked low. No air was at the gas station, and I made a snap decision to high tail it back into Flagstaff while my car still seemed to be driving okay. I made it, and my tire was definitely low – only 15 pounds of pressure when it should be over 30. I filled up on air, and found the first hotel with wireless that was just down the road from a tire shop that opened the next morning at 8am.

It could have been worse. I could have had to change a flat tire on the side of I-40, unpacking my entire trunk that had been carefully and meticulously packed in the one and only configuration that would allow it to all fit in.

Arrival in Berkeley has mostly been a dream (another story for another time), though I’ve picked up the San Francisco cold on top of my flu/toxins illness. Sick for almost 4 weeks while I moved, submitted 3 grants, started a training program for anti-racist white folks, and hung out with new and old friends. It’s been tough, but it could have been worse.