What Do You Know About Desire?

What do you know today, about desire, about the radical amazingness of speaking your truth without apology?

Who have you spoken to? Who still needs to hear your honest voice?

Who, what, where makes you smile? Not when you imagine it, but when you are actually there, sunlight on your arms, skin touching skin, heart melting open with ease?

How have you learned to stay present with desire, feel its fickle, urgent energy pass through your heart, your loins, your brain as it makes its way into the world? What does longing feel like? How does it support your growth? How have you found desire to simply be the universe saying, “Follow me here. I have something to show you”?

When have you followed? When you have held back … has that been desire too? You know how to feel the difference between choosing a higher desire and avoiding desire because of terror. How do you feel the fear and move forward anyway?

What helps you know desire? Your desire, not the definition of desire sold to you in every movie, commercial, billboard, story. What helps you hear the subtle call that says, “Yes, yes. I want this.”

Shhhhh. Can you hear it now? Its heart beating stridently, its voice calling your name? Is it loud enough that you don’t have to be quiet to hear it? Does it have lungs and the deep sweet breath to use them? Can you feel the clarity with which your desire speaks? Lucid, beating, flowing deep.

Shhhhh. Let’s hear her speak.


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