No goals

I feel adrift this month.

I haven’t set any goals this month.


I still feel resistant to setting goals this month.

What is the benefit of not setting goals?

I can relax.

I don’t have to feel bad about what I’m not doing.

I can just do what feels like the right thing to do next (like taking an impromptu weekend trip, or writing a complicated submission for survivors in solidarity with prison abolition, or catching up on The Voice).

Not having goals helps clarify the difference between what I *want* to do and what I think I *should* do.

What is the shadow side of not setting goals?

Even when I’m doing things, I feel like I’m not doing anything.

Some things that would feel helpful are not getting done.

Especially daily practices that are helpful, but easy to not do (walking, meditation).

No goals

This will be the month of no goals. I want to get a full month’s worth of feeling of freedom. We will see if goals return for May, or if I need more spaciousness around goals still.


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