Level Two

I feel torn in setting February’s intentions. I am proud of my successes in January. Part of me thinks I should just repeat my goals from last month, as they are still relevant and I would hate to lose my basis in meditation, self-care, focus, and nourishment.

Another part of me feels like they at least need slightly re-worked, to be sure they are fresh and compelling for this month, which will present its own set of challenges.

It’s like I’m moving from Level 1 to Level 2 on the video game.

1. Meditate for 30 minutes every day. Including (and especially) while on vacation with my family.

Even when I’ve had other successful meditation practices, my practice gets dropped when I travel. I don’t want that to happen this time.

I will be at the beach. There will be oodles of spaciousness. The only thing standing between me and my meditation practice are my own set of fears around being judged or misunderstood. Looking at this before I go seems likely to be helpful.

2. Use the even greater cuts at work to focus on what is absolutely essential.

This comes out of a need to feel like all this difficulty has a purpose. Shouldering an organization on my own, unexpectedly, is proving difficult, but not impossible.

How can I demonstrate what can be done by one person? How can I do that in a way that does not require that one person to burn out in the process?

3. Ask (everyone) for help.

If I think I should ask them for help, I should just ask them for help. Even when it feels awkward, uncomfortable, possibly misunderstood, or beyond their capacity.

Fundraising Rules of Thumb State: At least half the people I ask should be saying no to me before I start even start thinking about scaling back my asking.

Note: This is not just about work.

4. Be Nourished By Everything

By friends. By food. By movement. By reading. By the ocean.

Also notice how I might be nourished by difficult people. By hunger. By stagnation. By silence. By busy-ness.

I’m not even sure I understand what this means. Or believe it to be true, that I could be nourished by everything. But I would like to notice what it is like to approach the world with this frame. And see what might be true.

4 responses to “Level Two

  1. I LOVE level II, especially being nourished by all of the things that are challenging. Good luck with these this month. You are inspiring. xoxoxo Gina

    • Hello my awesome and inspiring friend!

      Yeah, I am still trying to figure out what this means. But there are definitely ways that what is difficult is requiring me to move in directions I have been intending to move for years. Like self care. Like daily meditation. Like asking for help. Like not being someone who tries to take it all on.

      It’s time to be real about making sure all these things happen. And cool to see that they ARE happening. I am not sure I recognize myself in the mirror.

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