Just Say No to Frozen Mullet

The last two weeks of December (and this first week of January) have been busy, full, chaotic, intense. And full of so many perfect moments and endless reminders that I’m right exactly where I need to be.

I wanted these things …

1. Rest deeply when I get the chance.

There was a lot of work. And then there was a whole lot of not work. Yay vacation! And even when I talked about work while on vacation, it felt like it was in productive, thoughtful ways. Rather than the spinning and pre-stress that can happen all too quickly.

2. Notice the things worth smiling and laughing about.

It might be hard to recognize Mr. Right, but you don’t need to be hit by a ton of lesbians to spot Mr. Wrong! If he does any of the following, fuck in the other direction:

  • He wears your bustiers
  • He repeated asks you to feel how muscular his boobs are
  • He offers to treat you to a luscious homemade dinner – then proceeds to thaw a frozen mullet
  • He gives you a stuffed leather for a gift – then tells you how much his ex-finger loved hers.
  • He asks you to foot the bill (again) because he left his wallet in his other pantyhose
  • He admits that, before he met you, he would hire paid queers to go out with him
  • He has a personalized license dyke tyke that reads IM2SXY

Mad Libs make everything better. Especially when they accidentally involve a crossdressing serial killer.

3. Loving on my loved ones.

Lots of love! Surprised my dad – Happy 60th Birthday! And spent lots of good time with my fantastic community of friends and my amazing meditation community.

So good to fill up on love for a couple of weeks.

4. Home office set up & functional.

This week has been the big test – can I actually work from home? The first day back was rough, but it would have been rough even if I would have had an office to go to. The first day back always sucks, plus I had a cold and was trying to sort out major staffing changes.

I finally separated out my work email from my personal email inbox. (Hides in shame that it’s taken 5 months to do this). This felt like a major step in creating some essential work/home boundaries.

Feeling hopeful. Scared but ready. Bring on 2012!


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