Testing of new skills in groundedness: Complete

In July, I started sharing my Sunday ritual of monthly goal setting and the weekly or mid-month check-ins. I have a bad habit of forgetting how much change happens over the course of a month, so this check-in helps me remember to celebrate all that I do!


1. Clear priorities for political campaigning

After feeling crazy busy mid-month, the last two weeks have been surprisingly quiet. For a number of reasons, our No on 60-61-101 group is not doing active Get Out the Vote activities. We are doing a lot of email and Facebook activity, but no canvassing and phone calls. We’re trusting that the political parties and candidates are doing a decent job of getting people out to vote. We’re fortunate that both the Democrats and Republicans are against these initiatives, and hoping that folks are getting educated enough to vote no.

I was hoping to get out to do some canvassing or phone banking, as both Michael Bennet and John Salazar are in ridiculously tight races against candidates who terrify me. Life did not cooperate with my plans. I have at least blocked off Tuesday to do what it takes to get people out to vote.

2. Apply for fantastic jobs in San Francisco

I had good intuition about the dream job with Spirit Rock Meditation Center I applied for. They are indeed still in the accepting applications stage of the game. I’m also in conversations with another Bay Area nonprofit about providing some support for grant writing, strategic planning, and growing the organization. Both are amazing opportunities, especially given I haven’t technically started a job search yet!

I’m occasionally scanning the job ads, but only applying to the perfect jobs at this point. Once the election is over, I plan to start getting more applications out the door when I see jobs that are a decent fit for me. Oh boy, I might have to apply to for this one – Executive Director for an organization creating economic opportunity for new Americans.

3. Post some of the great writing I’ve been doing on the blogs

No new writing this week. Note to self: I need a lot more space if I want to be writing. And a deadline. Or at least something I’m responding to that helps me focus on a topic.

4. Maintain the things that sustain me – meditation, eating well, an organized house, and time with friends

Six days in a row at the Dharma Center, including a nonresidential retreat with Donald Rothberg. A lot moves when I do that much meditation integrated with daily life! Halloween parties have been fun, as have lunches and connecting with people in an impromptu, unplanned way. This is the hardest for me, I’m so driven most of the time I don’t think to call someone up to get together last minute. I’ve got my time allocated to a bazillion other projects already. I’ve been pleased at my ability to say yes to these opportunities when asked.

Eating has been hard. I’m eating out a lot. I finally decided to just buy simpler foods to make right now. I can’t seem to get it together to cook, so let’s just be honest about that and still be able to make something at home in under 15 minutes with limited energy. Hello soups, macaroni and cheese, and skillet dinners. And the amazing yumminess of Indian food in a can.

I’m happy to relearn the lesson that the best way to clean up my house is invite people over.

This period of several months has been about testing myself with busyness to see how I respond. I’m doing smashingly. I’ve done a good job of having clear priorities about what is essential versus what is nice to do. I’ve enjoyed a lot of balance in my activities, also working in meditation, exercise, and lots of fun. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I step back and reassess rather than plow through and make myself crazier. I’ve achieved my goals of testing the robustness of my newfound skills in staying grounded rather than overwhelmed. Mission accomplished!

On to November Goals!

  1. Tidy up lingering projects that can be completed
  2. Apply for fabulous jobs
  3. Enjoy time in Durango with friends & family

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