More adventure, more rest, more of what’s essential

Last month, I started sharing my Sunday ritual of monthly goal setting and the weekly check-ins. I’m trying mid-month reporting rather than weekly. This month I’m going to focus on three goals about how I want to be in the world. I was traveling, then have been beset with allergies so I’m a couple of days late in checking in. Better late than never!

August Goals

1. Be on an amazing adventure: I feel like I successfully have shifted my energy from “Woe is me! I’m in limbo!” to “I’m super excited to move to SF and I’m excited to see how it all plays out.” I’m excited because “Moving to SF” is now a project on my project list. It has no tasks just yet, but I love that I made it a little space of it’s own.

2. Build in time to rest and be satisfied, even when busy: This month was very GOGOGO S L O W GOGOGO S L O W. So much busy-ness heading into the month with 2 major projects coming to fruition August 1 and 6. I love to manifest new fabulous things out of thin air, but perhaps I shouldn’t do them in back to back weekends. But I then had loads of rest with the retreat and time at the lake with my parents. It’s a little more stressful that way than more built in rest and play. But on the whole, my month was rather balanced. Even friends noted that even when I was feeling panicked, I could find a way to reset. And that even when I was busy, I was hanging out and enjoying life.

3. Let go of the things that are not essential: Lots of letting go this month. Letting go of being in charge. Letting go of people that are good but not great. Letting go of obsessing about projects that aren’t resolving as quickly as I’d like. And in letting go, finding a place to rest.

And now, for September!

1. More space
2. Clear lines between work time, play time, rest time (i.e. less time web surfing)
3. Movement: Just do it.


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