Another Sunday, Another Check-In

In the spirit of sharing rituals, I thought I’d let you all in on my monthly goal setting and the weekly check-ins I do to see if I’m on track. It feels a little bland,  but for now, I’ll trust that it will develop into something fabulous as we go. I’m trying to practice just starting things, rather than waiting until they are perfect. Here goes!

How did we do this week?

Sunday again? August? It’s been a good week and a good month, but part of why I like to check-in against my goals is that it all goes by so fast. Sometimes I lose track of what I was even thinking about a week ago or a month ago. This keeps reminding me that I’m moving forward.

1. Be pro-active about negotiating job & housing. Feel great about my future story.

I’ve been trying out new stories all week: My life is full of great things. I’ve spent the day doing important and fantastic work. Life is good. I still don’t completely believe myself, but I’m in fake it til I make it mode. According to  Metaphor Mouse, I am on a grand adventure,  exploring new frontiers, opening myself up to change.

2. Focus on closing up past gigs, and only taking on new gigs that PAY WELL.

Two projects are in crunch time – today’s big concert and next weekend’s meditation retreat. I’m a little sad because they are two of my favorite projects for the people I get to work with and the way that I feel really honored to be part of it – either through getting paid what I’m worth or being really seen and cared for. Intention: only take on projects that meet these criteria. My time is too valuable otherwise.

3. Get blogging services online

A midweek post here, and writing 3 pages every morning. I signed up to follow Rosetta Thurman’s Build a Blog challenge. I’m not sure how much time I have to really implement much right now, but even if I just follow up on a couple suggestions, it will be forward progress.

4. Pay attention to Fiscal Reform Committee regularly – get very focused on the next right steps

Another phone call this week that I knew was the right one to make – some conversations are just better over the phone than over email. You can’t convey presence with someone’s frustration over email. A presentation draft was sent off, and a couple meetings are getting scheduled. Those were the most important things to have happen, so I did well to focus on them.

5. Make $900/week

I’m still feeling the awkwardness of “It’s gauche to talk about how much money you make. Much less in a public forum!” Yet being off trajectory is about pushing back against some of these societal rules. My intention here is to track my mix of salary and freelance income so we can all better understand what it looks like to piece together enough income to pay the bills and enjoy life.

I made $935 this week. Whoo hoo! A combo of regular job ($618) & freelance ($317) . I felt like I worked more than that, but taking a day off from my regular job cut into those hours quite a bit. I need to watch how I cut back on those hours to do some freelance work.

6. Find a balance of movement, meditation, friendship, art, & laughter that supports my busy life

A trip to the Puebloan ruins of Chaco Canyon was a highlight this week. I resonated most with theory that this was a spiritual center where many people could gather together to share their different traditions, stories, and ways of being. I could just imagine people filing in from all directions through several “gates” that open into the canyon. This place was a central hub of a vast civilization for 300 years – longer than the United States has been around.

Music in the Mountains was also great this week, inspiring me to download new sheet music and pretend to be a concert pianist for a few minutes. There’s a part of me that’s really sad that music is such a small part of my life right now, when it was a daily part of my life for 10+ years. I often say that I was more well-balanced, grounded, and able to make good decisions in high school, compared to college and now. I wonder how much playing music daily influenced my life balance at that time?

Sharing my weekly check-ins feels like it’s helping me feel safe, more comfortable. I’ve got a lot going on internally from being in limbo, and it’s a bit scary to put that out for 6 billion people to see. Thanks for your love and support in this process!


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