Getting Off Trajectory: July Edition

In the spirit of sharing rituals, I thought I’d let you all in on my monthly goal setting and the weekly check-ins I do to see if I’m on track. As I go to post this, it feels a little bland, like I need to make this check-in into a chicken.  For now, I’ll trust that it will develop into something fabulous as we go. I’m trying to practice just starting things, rather than waiting until they are perfect. Here goes!

What do I want in July?

1. Be pro-active about negotiating job & housing. Feel great about my future story.

As always, I’m in the midst of transition. My landlord wants me to sign a 12 month lease when I don’t wanna, and I have some shifting job responsibilities at my day job. This all conflicts with my story of how things are supposed to be for the next 6 months. Everything was supposed to stay exactly the same before I made an exit to San Francisco. Bah!

When I get past my grumpiness about the story changing, I realize that everything can work out just fine. Especially if I’m pro-active about asking for exactly what I want.

2. Focus on closing up past gigs, and only taking on new gigs that PAY WELL

I have been doing some freelance work on the side, to practice my sales and business-building skills and to keep my skills up in nonprofit work. The problem with freelancing for nonprofits is that I know they can’t pay me a ton, so I lower my rates and end up doing a bit of work for free. As I take on more clients, I just don’t have time for lower paying gigs anymore. I’m also notoriously terrible at finishing things – I get excited about the next shiny thing and forget about buttoning up those last details. So I’m practicing closure as well as setting boundaries here.

3. Get blogging services online

Ages ago, I drafted some information about what I can offer nonprofits and nonprofit leaders for Rooting Nonprofits. I’ve been dragging my feet on actually posting it. It’s scary being visible. But I also want my right people to find me. Major dilemma! I decided I want to at least get my page up, even if I don’t tell anyone about it. Or only tell the right people about it.

4. Pay attention to FRIC regularly – get very focused on the next right steps

I’m co-facilitating the Fiscal Responsibility Information Committee (affectionately known as FRIC). Colorado is almost always on the verge of fiscal disaster because of our grand experiment in letting voters decide on our taxes. Between anti-tax crusader Douglas Bruce and the easiest process for getting new initiatives on the ballot, this year we are facing 3 devastating ballot initiatives that would cripple Colorado’s already hurting economy. I’m a math geek and a policy geek, so of course I’m involved in our local group organizing around these initiatives. I’ve been so busy with my paid gigs, I’ve been a little lax on shepherding FRIC forward. Sad face. I’d like to turn that around.

5. Make $900/week

With all my freelance and volunteer gigs, I’ve been a little flexible about getting work done at my regular job. But when I don’t work, I don’t get paid. My finances are feeling it, especially since I’ve been gallivanting to New York, retreating in California, and practicing generosity. It’s time to be reminded of how much work needs to get done to make ends meet easily. It’s also nice to think about working 18 hours a week for $50/hour as a viable option. Or 9 hours/week for $100/hour. Can we do 1 hour/week for $900/hour??!?

6. Find a balance of movement, meditation, friendship, art, & laughter that supports my busy life

Last month was FULL – friends, laughter, and a lot of work. By the end, I could feel my body needing more movement and more stillness. I’m glad I can catch it so early. It’s a good reminder that it’s okay to get out of balance a bit – I’d have hated to say no to seeing dear friends in town for just a short time so I could keep up my meditation schedule. Definitely no regrets there! But I also want to intentionally return to those habits that I know sustain me.

I’d love to hear what you have planned for this first full month of summer! Do you have some concrete goals to achieve, habits you’d love to master, or intentions to set? I’m hoping that sharing them helps us all feel like they are more real.


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