Life Coaching Sucks

I hate the “life coach” industry. In theory, I support the idea of accreditation, training, and certification because there’s a lot of opportunity in life coaching for charlatans who aren’t actually helping people.  But does every site you get to by Googling “life coach” have to be so sales-y? So “sign up for FREE Stuff and get $100 off coach training“? So often leading with the financial rewards of coaching? Does it have to read like multi-level marketing, that you should GET a life coach to decide if you want to BE a life coach? Or, pay thousands of dollars to get credentialed because you aren’t GOOD ENOUGH if you don’t have a specialized credential. It makes never want to be a life coach when I read these sites.

I want to help people. My friends have been coming to me for years for help with the life transitions, dealing with difficult people, and needing to make sense of their lives. I even have friends of friends seek me out for support. However, I don’t want to turn into some flashy marketing & sales person who spends thousands of dollars to have someone else tell me I’m good enough to do this. I just need to find the people in the market for a life coach who hate this side of the industry as much as I do.


One response to “Life Coaching Sucks

  1. ChristinaGlazar

    I agree with you. I don’t know any life coach (and I met a few) who are able to support themself fully with it. Besites I also find it strange that a life coach in general charges a lot more than a board certified counselor does.

    A life coach isn’t accountable to anybody and you don’t have control over what is done with the imformation you provide. A life coach has to spend a big part of his work networking and promoting and it is rather flashy most of the time.

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