Eliminate stress = Eliminate overweight?

I received several compliments last night for “looking great” – i.e. losing a bit of weight. Most folks wanted to attribute it to my bike training, and were surprised when I said I’d only been on my bike once in the last 5 months. I told folks that I attributed my weight loss to my no stress lifestyle. After quitting my job as Director of Sexual Assault Services Organization, I didn’t find myself needing to eat quite so often in response to stress and exhaustion.

This morning I wondered if the answer was that simple. Do I need to maintain a low-stress lifestyle forever to maintain a health relationship with food? Am I constitutionally incapable of handling stress in any other way but eating?

On reflection, I’d revise my assessment from last night: “My low stress lifestyle right now is giving me space to learn other ways to cope with stress. Even as I add some stress back into my life, I’m able to continue to use other ways to cope besides overeating when I’m not hungry.”


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