In hope that more blogs leads to more blogging …

I’ve been reluctant to start this blog. I have another blog project I’m nurturing, one that’s more professional, more serious, more career-connected than this one will be. I was worried that starting another blog was just an effort to self-sabotage, to drain my energy and attention away from my other blog.

Yet I’ve found myself stifled in writing for the other blog. I will get a burst of inspiration to write about something, and then am disappointed when it’s more closely tied to being off trajectory than nonprofit work. I then feel demoralized that I am not writing more for my nonprofit blog. I wonder what’s wrong with me, whether I really have the commitment or drive or interesting things to say to maintain this nonprofit blog.

This morning I finally decided to give myself a break. It’s hard to promote creativity in one venue while I am stifling my creativity in another venue. Thus, this blog finally gets launched. In it, I am creating a space for more personal writings, with the intention that supporting creativity breeds more creativity.


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